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Espy Investigative Services is a full-service San Jose private investigations agency serving individuals, small and large businesses, insurance companies, and attorneys. Espy is operated by a retired law enforcement officer with 25 years of experience.

We perform all investigations with the utmost discretion and keep your information confidential. We pride ourselves on the top notch services we provide at affordable prices. Here at Espy Investigative Services, we get the results you are looking for!

Background Investigations

Comprehensive research on a potential employee, spouse, or another person of interest's character. Background checks can uncover criminal charges, debts, employment history, and other information not readily available to the general public.

Workers Comp Investigations

Following and noting the behavior of potentially fraudulent workers' compensation claimants. If you suspect fraud, we will interview witnesses and surveil the worker to determine if their injury is as serious as they claim.

Insurance/Fraud Investigations

We investigate insurance fraud, claims, and more. Our team knows what to look for with suspicious claims and quickly gathers any evidence of fraud and reports our findings back in an organized manner. All evidence is gathered in accordance with all local and federal laws.


Using videography, photography, and general observation we surveil subjects to gather the evidence needed for your case. Our team uses modern technology and proven effective investigative methods to quickly uncover the answers you need.


Witness interviews are a crucial part in a successful investigation. Our San Francisco investigators know the questions to ask witnesses and techniques to gather complete and accurate statements without any omissions or outside influence.

Process Service

Officially notifying an individual of their involvement in a court proceeding, case, or lawsuit. Service of process is necessary in upholding due process. We deliver all legal documents including summons, subpoenas, complaints, small claims documents, and more.

Skip Tracing

Using modern databases and research we uncover addresses or phone numbers and use this information to track down evasive individuals. Whether you need to serve a hard to find individual, locate a witness, or collect a debt, we can help.

People Locates

Locating individuals for professional, personal, or legal matters. We can locate individuals in San Francisco, California, and beyond. Each location case is different, we will tailor our search to meet your needs and get you answers.

Record Searches

Public record searches to uncover information such as criminal charges, driving records, marriage/divorce documents, and more for personal, business, or legal situations. Our investigators work quickly to get the information you seek.

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